Sunday, April 4, 2010

Korean Mystery of the Day

I found this note on my door this afternoon after volleyball. (More to come regarding volleyball!) Since I understand about as much written Korean as spoken Korean, and I didn't have any friends handy who do, I used my trusty Google Translate skills.

As I described in an earlier blog post, this isn't a quick or easy process. Because I can't directly enter the Hangul characters, the first step is Hong's Hangul Conversion to convert the typed roman characters (won-gyeog-geom-chim-e) to Hangul (원격검침에). I'm proud to say that I'm getting faster at divining what the symbols mean, and it only took me all evening to get the Korean text.

Next up is Google Translate, which tells me that it means:
Automated Meter R's failure to visit is missed, but reading stories like this that give me the sludge We appreciate your cooperation.

Electricity is an electricity meter on the wall a letter from the electric seutjareul
If you write will be reading below

9 minutes

My friend Erin just confirmed what I suspected, that this means that I need to write the electricity meter reading from my wall meter onto the card, and leave it on my door. Mystery solved!


  1. I'm impressed with your sticktoitavness (sp?) and the translation made me laugh.

  2. Pretty sure stick-to-itivness isn't in the dictionary but since it's the word of the week among the Bowman/Anderson/McCarthy families, I admire your application of it Steve and your use of it sister sue. Steve, I guess you had to be there on the weekend when we were throwing stick-to-itivness around. My only display of it was when I had an apple sticker stuck in my hair! Keep up the good writing, it's so great to read.

  3. The google people aren't very good at translating Korean!

  4. you know how much I love mistranslations!!!


  5. What a great long chuckle I've had, Brianna, Sophia, Aliz, Sue McCarthy and Stick-to-it-Steve. If you write will be reading ALL. with love from gm