Monday, April 26, 2010

The kinder side of urban Korea: a photo-essay

If you're not actively looking, urban Korea can be pretty depressing. It often appears flashy and commercial, while simultaneously dingy and repetitive.

As I have noted before in different words, the apartment buildings seem to be designed by computers for maximum efficiency but without concern for aesthetics.

But if you look more closly in among the apartment buildings, a different Korea appears. Design at ground level is more pleasing, and the drab apartment complexes are divided by networks of nicely shaded walking paths.

Outside a middle school, there is a row of bikes on the pathway. It is clear that Korean life does not revolve around the commercial strips.

Trees, their cherry blossoms now in full and wonderful bloom, line many paths and offset the square utilitarian design of the buildings.

The parks and some walking paths have exercise equipment, for those who prefer their gyms outdoors.

If you prefer to have a greater buffer from urban life, you can always walk or cycle down the many paths bordering the river that meanders through town.

And even the buildings reveal a gentler side, up close.


  1. What a lovely little essay coming to a delightful ending. I'm so glad you see things with an artist's eye.

  2. Wow Steve those are very cool pictures. Those pictures remind me of China.