Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Steve's Reading

I'll be heading to Jeju Island early tomorrow so you won't hear from me until Monday when I return. Expect lots of pictures and stories early next week!

Until then, here are some good readings on the recent events in Egypt and the Middle East / North Africa:

Parties of God: The Bush doctrine and the rise of Islamic democracy. Ken Silverstein, Harper's, 2007. A nuanced view of the populist Islamist movements (Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah) in the Middle East. Good background reading.

The Devil We Know. Ross Douthat, NYT, 2011. Opinion piece pointing out the complexity of foreign policy choices in the US.

The Arab world's 1989 revolution? Jacqueline Head, Al Jazeera, 2011. Al Jazeera has consistently had great coverage of the demonstrations: it seems that half the stories in mainstream Western outlets start with "Al Jazeera is reporting that...". As a plus, their news is not US-centric.

All the best to you while I'm on holiday on the island!


  1. Have a lovely holiday Stephen. I look forward to the photos and stories.
    Love mom xoxo

  2. Happy Holiday! And thanks for all those interesting links even if I don't make time to read them.