Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A riddle... from one of my Grade 3 students

Looking for something? Go to me.
I'm sure that your something inside of me lies.
Of course you can always find hope in me,
Though despair must come first, and later surprise.
What's sought, though, depends on the seeker--
One looks for bobber, another for beaker,
Others for nature, still others for nurture,
The quarry will vary from searcher to searcher.
And yet (I suspect this will strike you as strange)
My contents are set and will never change.
If you still cannot guess what I mean, here's a clue
The answer lies inside of me, too.

Who am I?


  1. Wow that's really good for a third grader. I really liked that riddle.

  2. I'm with Dad. LOVE

    mom xoxo

    ps - what a great riddle. One would never guess that English isn't the first language.

  3. are you going to tell us the answer???

  4. Now that is clever! I'm very impressed. Thanks for revealing the answer.
    Mom xoxo