Thursday, February 17, 2011

Country challenge

The challenge: print out a blank map of the world (you can do continent maps too for detail - especially Europe) and without using any resources label as many countries as you can. Report your score.

I got 55, which I'm not especially proud of but I figure is not bad. (For comparison, my coworker Hannah, who apparently enjoys doing quizzes like this often, got about 150.) I'd be interested to know: should I buff up on my world geography?

For added challenge: add the capital cities!


  1. Okay, being rather geographically challenged, I'm not even going to attempt that one. I'd be able to get the 12 countries I've spent time in, but beyond that ... not so much.

    Here's something I thought you'd be interested in instead:

    Classical Musicians Take on the Tiger Mother

    Apparently Julie Nesrallah started on the piano, and was pretty good before discovering voice. She NEVER had to be forced to play.

    That was the segue into announcing Catherine Duncan's topic "Classical Musicians Take on the Tiger Mother" on In Tune, Saturday at noon. CBC Radio 2.

    Go Classical Musicians!

  2. How many countries are there in the world?

  3. Colleen - thanks for sharing! That's awesome.

    Mom - around 200, give or take 10.

  4. Okay... 195, give or take 5.